Extra Credit Reading for Friday, February 22, 2013

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Were you a big fan of homework on the weekends?  What about if it’s reading and watching great stuff?

I’m introducing a new Friday post.  It’s a weekly run-down of the top five stories or topics in education and parenting that I would assign a homework assignment over the weekend.  (And, yes, I’m going to assign a TV show today.)

1.  What I Know About Work Now That I’m in My 50s by the Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin.  It’s a must-read for all women, regardless of their age or current work status.

2.  The Mommy Worry Wars on Slate by Amanda Schaffer.  Reassuring news about anxiety, pregnancy, and healthy babies for all moms who have ever worried.  So, basically everyone.

3.  15 Random Things I Wouldn’t Know If I Weren’t a Gen-Xer by Jenny Isenman.  I read this and I was instantly 13 again.  I could hear Casey Kasem’s top 40 countdown on my boombox.  And I started singing The Facts of Life theme and School House Rocks songs.  I had a desperate desire to go to the mall and wear acid wash.

4.  To Perform at Your Best, Manage Competition Carefully by Annie Murphy Paul.  My competitive instincts in some areas are something that I struggle with.  Annie, as always, breaks it down and describes when competition can be bad for us.

Jess Alba / Keri Russell
Jess Alba / Keri Russell (Photo credit: wumpiewoo)

5.  Finally, watch FX’s The Americans.  I love Keri Russell.  I watched to be Felicity.  (Well, at least until she got that haircut.)  Do you enjoy Homeland?  How about Breaking BadMad Men?  If any of those are on your DVD list, check out The Americans.  And, as I wrotein a post today, I think it’s the best show on television about marriage and family life.

What did you read today this week that you wanted to share?


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