Weaning: A Not-So-Love Story


Sometimes you just know when it’s time to stop breastfeeding.

This is 39 (Weeks Pregnant)


I’m now 39 weeks pregnant. For me, the end of pregnancy is a time of anticipation, excitement, discomfort, reflection, and mood swings.

Of Meltdowns and Muffins: A Review of How Toddlers Thrive

how toddlers thrive

It’s tough being a toddler — and a parent of one. Dr. Tovah Klein has a different approach for understanding and helping toddlers develop and succeed.

My Hard-Earned Tips for Escaping Toddler Sleep Hell


If your toddler doesn’t sleep, life can be miserable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s what I learned about how to survive the crib-to-bed transition and how to set limits at bedtime.

Skip Exercise… and 4 Other New Pregnancy Mottos

Untitled design (1)

It’s almost bathing suit season and, to prepare, I’m going to… Do absolutely nothing. You see, I’m now well into my second trimester of my second pregnancy, and this time I’m doing things a little differently. During my last pregnancy I tried to be calm and relaxed at first about all the rules, prohibitions, and […]

If We Left Kids Alone, Would We All Be More Joyful and Happy?


Would parenting make us less miserable if we did it differently? A call from scholars and modern parents to change parenting norms.

My Writing Process


Today I’m participating in an author blog tour about my writing process.

10 Best Breakup Songs for Grownups (Even If You’re Not Breaking Up)


Here are my favorite breakup songs of all time that had stood the test of time through times of loss and nostalgia.

In Defense of Caillou (and All Whiny, Clingy Toddlers Everywhere)


Maybe most parents are judging Calliou a little too harshly. Is Calliou a misunderstood toddler? A new book makes me question my assumptions about toddlers.

My Beauty “Experiment”: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Grayest Hair of All?

The Beauty Experiment

My review of Phoebe Baker Hyde’s The Beauty Experiment also includes my own “experiment” in eliminating a beauty crutch.

Challenging the Good Mother Myth With Each Mom’s Story


This month’s selection for The Brilliant Book Club is The Good Mother Myth, edited by Avital Nathman. Can we learn to redefine motherhood to fit reality?

Can We Ever Let Go of Our Childhoods? A Review of “Mother Daughter Me”


My review of Mother Daughter Me, a memoir by Katie Hafner about family love, the past, and healing.

In Fear of Maxing Out (and Why I’ll Never Be “Scandal”‘s Olivia Pope)

Brilliant Book Club Logo

Join our discussion of Katrina Alcorn’s book, Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink. Her message: You’re not alone. It’s not your fault. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How Does a Toddler Say Sorry: Imagined Toddler Apology Notes


If your toddler could write an apology note for his behavior, what would he say? Mine just wrote me a few poems.

Battles With Prematurity and Myths of Perfection: A Review of Ready for Air

Sleeping newborn son

My review of Kate Hopper’s new memoir, Ready For Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood

I Got a Doctorate to Write About… Television?


My doctorate is not in television. But wouldn’t that be a fun doctoral program in which to enroll? I’m interviewed by a Chicago Tribune columnist about why we should all watch more television.

What if a Mom Acted More Like a Dad?


Do moms and dads parent differently? How do societal expectations affect our parenting?

Are You a “Maxed Out” Mom? Why American Moms Are On the Brink

maxed out

American moms are “maxed out” in their attempts to “have it all.” All moms — working and stay-at-home — will connect with the gripping story of Katrina Alcorn and her analysis of why American moms are increasingly “on the brink”.

Old Secrets, Old Battles: My Journey Out of Anorexia


The hardest decision in my life was my choice to confront anorexia.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching More (and Better) TV


Are you watching the best that TV has to offer? You could be a better parent, a happier spouse, and a more informed citizen by watching better television.

5 Lessons From Elizabeth Gilbert (That Have Not Much To Do With Eating, Praying, or Loving)


Elizabeth Gilbert has a new novel coming out, The Signature of All Things. Learn about how Gilbert’s life as a writer can help us learn a few lessons that have nothing to do with eating, praying, or loving.

The Madness of College Admissions Revealed: Early Decision by Lacy Crawford


Check out first-time novelist Lacy Crawford’s new satire about the college admissions process, Early Decision: A True Frenzy. It’s funny, poignant, and revealing — of a broken educational system that doesn’t serve many children and families well.

“Carry Your Own Bag!”: Raising Kids Who Aren’t Helpless


How do we raise kids who aren’t helpless? Learn a few tips for raising responsible, helpful kids.

What’s in a Name?: Mrs. or Ms., Married or Maiden


More women are keeping their own last names and not taking their husbands’ last names. Am I one of them?

Losing Myself: Antepartum Depression


During the middle of my pregnancy, I was not myself. Don’t suffer in silence if you’re depressed and pregnant. You’re not alone.

Your Hovering Doesn’t Help: A Quiz and a Simple Step


Are you a helicopter parent? Sometimes I am, but I’m trying to figure out why and how to stop.

I Used To Love My Pregnancy Books: Now I’ll Just “Lean In”

new baby

Much of the advice I got during pregnancy stressed me out. Why will I be throwing out all the books next time?

On Regret, Opting Out, and Opting Back In

lean in opt out

For parents, it’s hard to know when to opt out, lean in, or opt back in. Are regrets inevitable?

Sacrifice or Selfishness: Should a Kid Have a Sibling? (And a Giveaway)

My mom, sister, brother, and me (circa early 1980s)

The decision to have a second child can be a tough one. I review Lauren Sandler’s new book, One and Only, and wonder about this choice.

How We Teach Our Kids To Be Picky Eaters — And What To Do About It


What do Americans get wrong about teaching kids good eating habits to last a lifetime?

Sleepless in Boston and Buffalo: Colic, Co-Sleeping, and Coping


For some co-sleeping is a great solution for making sure that the whole family gets enough rest. For others, other arrangements are better. What worked for your family?

Why Buying More Stuff Isn’t Going To Help You Be a Perfect Parent


What do babies and kids really need to be happy and healthy? Other cultures don’t buy nearly as much stuff as Americans do, but their kids are doing quite well.

When Leaning In Isn’t Enough: My Story


Why didn’t I know that I’m not alone? Women in academic careers are penalized for having babies, while men are rewarded.

Why I’m Putting Down the iPhone


Are there good reasons for parents to put down their phones when they’re around their kids? There are, but they may not be the ones that you think.

How Do We Teach Our Kids “Grit”?


For kids to succeed in school and in life, “grit” — or perseverance and passion for long-term goals — may be more important than IQ scores or grades. How do we make sure that our kids are “gritty”?

Get a “Blog Mentor”! Why It Takes a Village To Raise a Blogger

Blog mentor

Beginning bloggers need a lot of help. Blog mentors can help guide newbies to find their own voice and style.

In Defense of Oversharing Parents Who Won’t Shut Up


A blog about oversharing parents has caused a viral sensation and is now a book. When is it okay to share your parenting experiences, and when is it just too much?

10 Reasons Why I Hope My Son Is Bored


Kids learn a lot from being bored, a recent study concludes. What would be lost if kids aren’t allowed to explore and play?

In Praise of Filth: A Housework Manifesto


When it comes to housework and to be happier, women should ask for help, lower their standards, don’t apologize, and stop the comparisons.

Spring Cleaning: What You May Be Forgetting Inside Your Medicine Cabinet


There’s another part of spring cleaning that you might have missed: going through your medicine cabinets.

Do You Have Your Pediatrician On Speed Dial?

Questions that Parents Ask Their

What are the common questions that you’ve had for your pediatrician?

10 Facts Parents Should Know About Seasonal Allergies


Here’s what you need to know about kids and seasonal allergies.